Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hope Chest Finds

A new series I'll be introducing is "Hope Chest Finds"

As I look foreward to a day of marriage and children, I'm already stocking up on household items.

My latest additions were these.

An Early 19th century dresser. This is the sturdiest piece of furniture I have ever owned! The drawers are not on any kind of rollers, and the bottoms are solid wood. The veneer is perfectly alighned, and a gorgeous color! (Not to mention all my clothes fit!)

Second were these mid century modern "Snack sets"

These darling little cup and "Saucer" sets will be perfect for afternoon get togethers someday.

Both sets (both have three compantions) are darling!

One even came in its original box! And you can see from the sticker that the price was right!

I hope you've enjoyed this look into my Hope Chest.

Let me know if you would like another look later.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Where the Magic Happens

Hello All!

Soon, I'll begin introducing costume posts, but first, I'd like you to see where it all happens.

Meet Mason!

My Rotary bobbin treadle sewing machine! (mouthful, eh?)

About two years ago, my dad bought the "Contents" of a front porch at an auction sale. Among all the rocking chairs and junk, was this sewing machine, almost in perfect condition, with the drawers simply stuffed full of treasures!

The best thing that the drawers contained was this little metal box full of attachments, including; a tucker, ruffler, piping foot, and many sizes of Hem feet.

(Any advice on how to use the tucker foot would be appreciated, I still cant figure it out!)

 I have discovered a pleasure rarely enjoyed anymore, the gentle clack of metal machinery, as the fabric threads through.

It makes the tiniest stitches and (though I know it isn't supposed to) with a little tension, the large stitches gather as they go through.

Many a mile of ruffles have already been produced with the help of the attachment, perfectly straight and even tucks.

One of Mason's best features has to be the fact that it uses a normal bobbin, not a shuttle, and regular modern needles, so I need not worry if anything breaks, I won't be searching for ages and paying out the nose for new parts. (The only thing that had gone bad was the leather belt, and that was easily replaced with the help of "Lehman's" )

My Modern electric machine has recently become much to unruly to work with, not to mention, much too fast. When it did, Dad helped me get Mason back in good working order again, which like I said, didn't take much, and I've been clacking away ever since.

I hope you've enjoyed this glance into my sewing room,
Until next time!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Smooth Sailin up the Mountain

Welcome to my first official Vintage Outfit post!

I'm so glad to have stepped into the world of full on vintage. Most of the time I wear made by me vintage style pieces or I buy vintage inspired. I love that I can find modest clothes, and still feel glamorous.

A month or so ago, my family and I went up the mountain to Newfound Gap, our border with North Carolina. (Did I mention I'm a Tennesseean?)

I decided it was the perfect time to go completely vintage.

Trousers- Made by me with the Wearing History "Smooth Sailin'" pattern

Blouse- Also Made by Me, from an altered simplicity reproduction pattern

Hat- Vintage 1940's from Etsy

 I did my hair in a quick "Reverse Roll" demonstrated here at "By Gum, By Golly"

 Dear old Dad

 We hiked about 4 feet of the appalaichian trail!

(the overshirt is Vintage approx 60's- 70's. It got COLD up there not to mention the wind!)

 Standing where President FDR made his speech and dedicated the park.

 View From the Top

 The Hilsides were covered in these dainty white flowers, arent they gorgeous!

 Back on the road after hunting as many species of flowers and plants that we could see. Once back in the Valley we bought a book to help us identify them.

 M & D at the overlook, aint they sweet?

Thursday, June 6, 2013



And welcome to my new blog!

I am a historical costumer by trade, so be prepared to view any number of gorgeous dresses from multiple eras.

My work has extended from the Medieval period through the 1940's and 50's Not to mention a few modern things in the mix.

Since the near death of my modern electric sewing machine all of my clothes are hand sewn on my antique Mason Rotary treadle sewing machine, using old and tested methods.

Baby showers have become my favourite thing of late, because I get to come up with a unique and interesting garment for each and every new life among my friends. My best friend has a 1 1/2 year old daughter and it's always fun to think up something new for every occasion.

This is not my first blog, I must confess, but recently I decided to wipe the slate clean and begin anew, here at the Treadler, and begin to make as much of a success as possible. If you would like to see some of my older posts, you can find my old blog Here.

I hope that I can keep up the posting pace here, but I believe I will, please bear with the mess until I can get fully settled in.

Until then!