Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's a Giveaway!! Baby Girl Trio.

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my posts yesterday and today that I only needed one more like to make 80, and a few more followers on Instagram to make 100!

I asked that if people would help me reach those goals, (Easy Peasy!) that I would host a giveaway!

Well here it is!!

Today I'll be giving away what I call "The Baby Girl Trio"

All three items were made by me on vintage sewing machines.

The hair bow is approximately 4" long with a barrette style clasp on it, made in a soft teal blue cotton with purple flowers. There's even a bit of gold sheen to the lattice pattern! 

This is a pacifier lanyard. It's approximately 6" long with a sturdy plastic clasp on it. And trust me, I made my son one of these! It's strong, but it won't hurt like metal would. The opposite end has an elastic loop for going around the pacifier. It's made in pale green linen with white crochet lace.

 And then there's this little guy! Made in a soft grey flannel, with pink satin ears, this little bunny is meant as an un- stuffed "Lovey." E-bug has one with blue ears that we call "Andrew"

  Showing of her stuffed bunny tail

The giveaway will run for a week and a day, that is until the 18th.

One entry you'll notice is a "Blog Post Comment." It's a bit of a survey. I've recently acquired an embroidery machine, (I know! Modern machine!) and am now able to monogram ect. So in your comment, please let me know of a handmade item that you have searched high and low for but couldn't find. Preferably something you can monogram. Or you can mention something that you like to buy "Home Sewn" on a regular basis. What catches your eye?

Thank you all so much for following me and enjoying my work, I hope you'll enter and share with your friends!


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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Late Edwardian Silk Blouse

Just before my wedding I ordered in a length of China silk, meant to be a nightgown for a certain night. Sadly I ran out of time, so my mother gifted me one in my style from the Victorian Trading Company. (Which I still wear and love!)

But what became of the silk you ask? I'm coming to that.

Around Thanksgiving I began to wonder what I would do for myself as a Christmas outfit. I was short on time, low on energy, and slap out of money due to shopping for others.

So I started rummaging around in my stash and came across the silk. I realized I had bought enough for a blouse AND a nightgown! (Which I still have yet to make..)

I dug around in my patterns and pulled out my copy of Past Patterns 8643 And got started.

It came together beautifully, and it felt so elegant sliding it on. I used leftover wedding buttons as well to finish it off.

 My Husband and I then went on a photo shoot around our historic neighborhood


  I think E-bug enjoyed it as well! 

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas, and I wish you every blessing in this new year! 


Monday, January 2, 2017

A Christmas to Remember

I just so happen to have been excited all year for this Holiday Season, knowing it would be our little one's very first!

I had big plans to deck the halls and trim the tree and make something very special for a certain little boy to cherish.

Sadly very little of that happened.

Unforeseen circumstances meant that Christmas was much quieter and humbler than I had hoped. But wasn't that the way of the very first one? Quiet and humble Our Lord entered this world, and we were the better for celebrating it that way.

Two weeks before the big day, though, I realized my hands were still empty and I had nothing prepared to go under the tree. A desperate search and I found what I had been looking for.

A few clicks and THIS old time teddy bear kit was on its way.

E-bug's favorite movie of all time is the original Disney "Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" so I wanted to make him his own old fashioned "Steiff" style Teddy bear. 

It does go to show that you should always read the fine print. His name is "Tiny Ted" for a reason! lol! He only stands about 8" tall. But for a little boy, a little bear was perfect. This kit came with the pattern and fabric for the bear and the little red felt jacket. It also had a small piece of teddy print cotton to do with as you please. She even traced the teddy bear pieces onto the mohair so all you had to do was cut!

HOWEVER this kit did not come with the eyes or joint components needed to finish it off. And sadly a trip to Hobby Lobby came up short when it came to teddy bear parts. The only things they had were plastic and for much bigger bears!

Not having time to spare to order the parts I decided to improvise. I sewed the arms and legs on sturdily and used one of the bigger joints I had bought for the head. I then embroidered a little face on to him as best I could.
Before I added his face

I'd not like to introduce you to "Theodore Reginald Bear" Or "Teddy Reggie" as we like to call him.

E-bug was not quite sure what to make of him upon opening the box Christmas morning. But he did give Ted a kiss after a moment. (Which was so quick I didn't catch it on camera... :/ )

He still needs a few things before I feel comfortable giving him to E-bug for keeps, but I think he will make a lovely little companion for our Boy!

All in all I think our baby boy enjoyed Christmas, and now it's time to look forward to a first birthday party! 0_0!!