Thursday, October 23, 2014

But What Was She Wearing?

Well now that we have the "Introductions" out of the way, I thought I would show off a few of our Engagement photos and talk a bit about my outfit. (Any questions about his attire, and I'm afraid you'll have to ask the man himself. ;)

Moments after we were "Official"
First off, I must explain that having started dating a fellow "Edwardian-at-Heart" I brought all of my early 20th century clothing back out to the front of my closet. I sadly found that some of my pieces had worn out, and some were just way too big, as I had lost quite a bit of weight.

I made the "Mistake" of lamenting that fact to Joshua, and that cunning devil went to one of his favorite online "Edwardian" stores and bought several outfits to update my wardrobe. (I was quite humbled to sat the least...) You'll have to ask him what store he went to, I don't think he ever told me..

Anyhoo! Back to the story...

When he first asked me to go on this "Photoshoot" I knew I would have to come up with something fancy and "New." I decided, as I only had a couple weeks, that I would simply put together a new shirtwaist. I had two options in mind, one of which would mean buying a pattern, the other I already had.  I did end up ordering the pattern, but as it didn't arrive until a few days before we went, my choice was made for me.

My second choice was Folkwear's "Gibson Girl" blouse. I had made it up several times before, so it was a breeze to put together. It ended up being the better option with it's 3/4 sleeves as the day ended up being quite a scorcher...
To switch it up a bit from the other times I had made it, I decided to add a wide ruffle to the cuff. I forgot to compensate for that and did end up having to cut the sleeve down a few inches and re-set it.
I then added some simple "Cornflower" blue embroidery to the yoke. It's from an original period design, but as I can't remember where online I found it, I won't be posting the picture.
The skirt is from a company called "Frontier Classics" and though I don't know where you could find that brand name, I will highly recommend it! The skirt is extremely well made from a sturdy cotton. I'm sure it will last me for years!

I think the hat is my favorite part of this ensemble. It was also part of the aforementioned "Gift" but it was vintage from Etsy. Though I would say it is certainly "Mid- century" being a basic "Boater" it works. Sadly, it was in rather "Vintage" condition, and was dull and dirty. The original sad velvet band was completely worn out.

Once it was cleaned and set back into shape, it quickly re-gained it's sparkle. I took inspiration, when it came to the décor, from original fashion plate images.  Though I didn't follow any one in particular, I did remember this "Layered bow" effect from one image. The flowers came from Joann's. I had used the "Ranunculus" on another hat project I had done several years ago, so I went back on purpose for more. Once I saw the cornflowers though, I couldn't pass them up! ("Cornflower" just so happens to be Joshua's nickname for me.... long story) I then added the "Baby's breath" as an accent. I think it almost has a "Mary Poppins" feel to it now.

From here I think I'll just let you enjoy the rest of our engagement pictures. (If you are visiting from Facebook, there are plenty here that didn't end up getting posted... oops..)



Until Next time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reason for Radio Silence

I have been trying for almost two months now, to put into words the joys that have been bestowed upon me this summer.

I had almost given up. It's just beyond words! 

Earlier this year, Through my Etsy shop, I was introduced to the son of one of my schoolteachers. A fellow Edwardian, and a former navy officer, among many other things. As much as I was trying to avoid talking to a "Stranger" online, I couldn't help it, He was so interesting! We talked about the Edwardian house he had just bought in a nearby town, The research involved in the novel he was writing about the last Czar of Russia, OH! And Sherlock Holmes.

One day, in mid May, he stopped by our business. If you know me at all, you know I'm not a "Cliché" type person, and I try to avoid them at all costs, so when I say it was "Love at first sight" I mean it. Though at the time I had no idea.

Since then we've both come to realize that God has been working throughout our entire lives to prepare us for each other. We have walked side by side for many years, and how we were able to go that long and not meet I'll never know.

On September first we made a trip to "Biltmore Estate" in North Carolina for a "Photo Shoot" in full Edwardian style. We supposedly had a "Set Time" to get into the house and as we arrived a little early Joshua wanted to stop and "Look at the Horses."

I saw, but didn't take much notice that the attendants in the stable were hitching up a Victoria style carriage. A few minutes later as we were walking back towards the parking lot, one of the attendants stopped us. She informed us that the couple who had ordered the ride had not shown up, and they had been unable to contact them. She stated that it was a shame as they were now hitched up and had paid the driver. She said it was all already paid for, would we like to take the ride?

I gave Joshua a look and he readily agreed. For almost over an hour they had me fooled, for as we topped a hill overlooking the house, and paused for a "Photo op" this happened.

Of course I said, "YES!"

I am eagerly looking forward to this new "Epoch" in my life and will try to post more pictures and  things in the coming weeks. Though, things are really beginning to get busy as we have set a date for February. (Apparently one is supposed to take a year or more to plan an event such as this... go figure!)

Until next time!