Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bringing Home Baby

So I realized that three months have passed since Our E-bug came into this world and I still haven't posted about his coming home outfit.

I found This outfit on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it!

I was certain it was the cuddliest thing I could ever bring home a snugly baby in. Sadly I thought it was outrageously expensive for something he would probably wear once. Plus I wanted him to come home in something I made.

So I went in search of a knitting pattern to match. After a long rummage I found this one.

Held together with hairpins, while I waited for the buttons to come in.
I then went in search of yarn. I wanted a traditional "Aran" color, but I was unsure of doing it in wool, just in case of an allergy. I debated for ages in the baby yarn section of Joann's where I couldn't find anything remotely close to the creamy white that I wanted. Instead I went with a soft grey, and ended up really loving it!

This pattern was really enjoyable to work with, and I didn't have any problems with it.

The buttonholes on the legs did end up being uneven, but that could have been pregnant mommy brain error.

I decided to go with natural wooden buttons to finish it off, and I didn't regret it!

Coming Home!
I wasn't crazy about the hat pattern with it, as it looked rather like pigtails in my opinion, and I figured that wasn't so good on a boy...

So I searched Etsy for another pattern and came across This one.The hat pattern only came in 3 sizes and one of them was not "Newborn." My option then was to keep looking, or attempt to resize.... Resize it was. I ended up just taking a wild guess and using smaller needles. It actually fit rather well, and actually still fits. :D

His one month pictures, it still fit!