Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Projects Galore: Rocking Around

Sitting on our hearth is a little "Boyd's Bear" on a little ladder-back chair. When we moved the TV downstairs to the front parlor, I noticed that E-bug became fascinated with it! He loved to deposit poor "Pooh" (As he calls all bears) into the floor and sit on the chair himself.

This gave me an idea. As there once was a little blonde girl with a beloved little red rocking chair, I decided he needed one of his own!

Luckily, Joshua had a few child size rocking chairs in the attic, preserved from his childhood. This one just so happened to be yellow. Though the paint was in extremely rough shape, I just so happened to have an abundance of yellow paint left over from a certain little boy's nursery.

I scrubbed it down and gave it two good coats of yellow.

 Then I freehand drew a rudimentary fancy "G" (Our last initial) and four sail boats.

 I filled in with leftover paint from the Rocking Horse project. 

I had to buy a black paint pen, as none of the other methods I tried worked.... (I couldn't find my sharpie, and my old fashioned "Dip pen" would only ink perhaps 1/8' at a time...)

Total cost? $2!! (For the pen!)

I think he likes it! Don't you?