Thursday, August 6, 2015

While You Were Sleeping

While I've been ill these past few months, my absolutely wonderful husband has been hard at work. Not only has he been taking care of me, and the daily chores, but he's been a busy bee when it comes to our home improvement projects.

The last few weeks Joshua has taken most of his spare time and repaired and updated the front porch.

(I wish I had gotten before shots!)
He replaced the few boards that had seen better days, and repainted it this gorgeous emerald green!
But then he took things the extra mile, but repainting the furniture, replanting the hanging baskets, and adding these lovely sheer curtains! 

 It's so absolutely inviting now, I can't seem to keep away! And the curtains seem to keep it so much cooler!
Thank you so much dear, I love it! I can't wait to enjoy it with our little boy someday soon. :D 

 Until Next Time!