Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Make Do and Mend

Many years ago, a member of my family gifted us with an upright piano.

I spent many a year thumping out "Do, Re, Mi" on summer days. Though I still can't play. (I only made it through a few lessons)

There was only one big problem with this particular piano. The ugliest mustard yellow this side of the Mason Dixon.

Now, you would think that after all these years I would have become fond of the color, but aas, I have not. So, after all these years, it's time for a change. A can of paint stripper (or 2.. or 3..) and we'll have a whole new piano.

I worked for ages inside on the main body of it, but could no longer stand the stench. (yes, all doors were open and a fan going) Even with a "Non- Toxic" brand, it was enough. So I took the baseboard outside and set to.

Several hours and around 5 chapters of "Lorna Doone" on Librivox, and this is where I sit. The most gorgeous finish I've ever seen! What do you think?

I'm nowhere near done, but it's a start!