Monday, March 23, 2015

First Real Update as "Mrs."

So here I am two blocks from home in the glorious historic local library with a shiny new library card, writing to you officially for the first time as "Mrs."

My first month of marriage has been absolutely unforgettable! There is a line from "Pride and Prejudice that I tend to quote a lot lately, from the brand new "Mrs. Collins" upon her friend's first visit, "Oh, Lizzie! It is SUCH a pleasure to run my own home!" I can truly agree!

As we were pulling in the drive from our mini honeymoon, the ice storm from Hades hit and we were promptly snowed in for a few weeks. (Well I was anyways, Joshua is a fabulous winter weather driver)

But since then it has begun to warm up slowly, the "Daffs" have begun to bloom and the snow has long since melted.

My sewing room is now complete and work has begun on several projects that I will post about in the coming weeks.

And as for the photos that everyone is dying to see... well so am I... There have been some understandable delays with them, but I should receive wedding photos in the next few weeks and begin sharing them on with you soon!

Until then, do enjoy these "Snaps" of our first few weeks as "Man and Wife."

Our first Breakfast at home, GF blueberry pancakes with blackberry jam... since we didn't have syrup...

Ice storm as viewed from inside (sorry about the "Through the screen" view... too cold to go out!")

First day as a "Housewife" all caught up on chores and enjoying a few moments of gentle knitting

Our first official supper at home. Pasta with a garlic sauce and tomatoes, grilled chicken and homemade bread.

Mick's first day home with all of us, waiting on "Dad" to get home from work.

The last of the snow (Mick is very interested in the spring birds... We have since begun learning the word "Heel!")


The sunshine returns and spring begins! The garden awakens and now it's time to get dirt under my fingers again!
Until next time!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And They Lived Happily Ever After!

Just a note to say, we have now upgraded out relationship status. :D

I should be able to be back blogging here very soon. But as of right now, I do not have internet in my little "House of Dreams"

Do keep an eye out though! Posts of my latest adventures are coming very soon!

Photo Courtesy of my Maid of Honour's Mother Mrs. W.