Sunday, December 17, 2017

Of Pink Stripes and Old Pillowcase Lace.

Back in October we were coming up on my favorite event of the year. A private affair on a friend's farm with their collection of old buildings and equipment. It's a very low-key event meaning we can dress in whatever era we like. For me this means Edwardian.

Or in this year's case late "Teens." 

I had bought the material and patterns for the outfit I wanted to wear back in the spring and never got around to making them up.

The blouse is made with a "Repeated Original" pattern from Etsy. I really enjoyed this pattern, it didn't take much to ease it out to the right size and it came together beautifully! The main fabric is a pink and white striped, lightweight, shirting.

I then thought that perhaps it needed a bit of decoration. I came across a vintage pillowcase in my stash that was in pretty rough shape, but luckily, the lace work was still in good condition. Epiphany! Lace collar!

I had just enough to make both collar and "Yoke" pieces, with enough plain material left over to do the cuffs.

The skirt, I had made earlier in the year from "Past Patterns 9682" but it had needed some re-fitting. I seriously LOVED this skirt! I mean, how great is it that there are just two pieces (Plus the waistband) and it has POCKETS too!! All built in to those two pieces. Of course this meant it was a breeze to expand to my measurements. (In fact I added too much and had to take it back in) The fabric is a blend bottom-weight that I had bought at Jo-ann's so it has a bit of a stretch to it, which is a bit annoying, but not too bad.

All in all, this has become one of my favorite outfits! I can't wait to wear it again this summer, the fabric is so light and airy, and not to mention... POCKETS! I'd almost forgotten what a joy this convenience was! 

Until next time
(And a bonus picture of E-bug in his "Caleb" Overalls)

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