Saturday, December 6, 2014

Past Patterns #400 and our "Engagement Photoshoot"

As wedding planning and sewing is now in full swing, there has been little to no time for personal projects.

But, before everything was so hectic I threw together this blouse from Past Patterns 400.

It goes works really well with the skirt from "Western Emporium" that I was wearing in my engagement photos, not to mention, anything else I pair it with.

These photos were taken a few weeks after our engagement. We took a Sunday trip to my grandparent's farm to make introductions. My Handsome Fiancé seems to have made a lasting impression on my Grandmother, who has Alzheimer's. Every week since then, when my parents visit, she reminds them that if she were a bit younger she would give me a "Run for my money." lol!!

I consider this to be our "Engagement shoot" so do please enjoy the pictures!!