Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All about the dress!!

And now for the beginning of the posts you've all been waiting for!

This first post will be all about my dress!

The day I got engaged, I did what every modern girl does and started a secret Pinterest board to begin saving all my ideas.

(Now public it can be found HERE)

It began as a "Pin all the things!" spree. I knew we both wanted an Edwardian wedding, but where to start! Ten years worth of fashions and traditions. As I started pinning period dresses I liked, I began to notice a common theme.
The bodices all had a similar feature, what I started calling, "The cross." The game was now ON! 
 I began a quest for "The Cross." Not only that, but there were several other features I knew I wanted. I had caught "Princess Kate" fever after staying up all night to watch her wedding a few years ago, and thought her long lace sleeves to be the epitome of elegance.

A few years before that I had made a purchase at Wal-mart of all places, of the softest lace I had ever felt. But there were only a couple yards of it. I bought every bit, and made a little dress with it. (Ironically, also "Kate Middleton" inspired) I vowed as I did that someday I would find it and use it on my wedding dress.

And I did!

As time went on, and things developed, The Dress began to take shape.... In my mind anyways. I still hadn't found a pattern. I intended to use a mash up of patterns until the day I found this one.
I knew I had found the one, with a few alterations, this was the dress.
I called up one of my SCA buddies who knows everything there is to know about patterning and drafting and we set to work putting the perfect pattern together.
So I now had ten yards of Dupioni silk, 8 yards of lace, and a pattern made from former 50lb paper sacks. It was time to get started.

(I took a ring shot for those who asked,
but I felt it was bad JUJU if the groom
should happen to see the fabric behind it... )

As the weeks wend by, it began to take shape for real. There were delays and setbacks, breakdowns and tears, but in the end, it all came together.
A not about the veil before I show final pictures. My veil was going to be my something new among all these old things, so I went shopping. With no results. My final stop on the store-bought veil train was "David's Bridal." I must give them a shout-out, they were so fantastic! Even though my budget was low and I walked away with nothing, they still treated me like royalty, thank you folks!
While I was there I found "The One" Unfortunately it was three times what my budget was. Eeep!
So I took some rough measurements and went to Joann's.
I also must give one final shout-out to American Duchess Shoes. Thank you folks so much for what you do! All the research and time you put into the final product! I ordered a pair of Astorias as my wedding shoes and I must say, they were so perfect! And comfortable to boot! I have worn them several times since with historic outfits and gotten so many compliments on them! (in fact in a later post I'll give more details about a trip to Biltmore that I made in them recently.)
And now, the final product. I hope you enjoy these photos, taken by my lovely photographers, Carrie and Erin.

The embroidery pattern has special meaning to the groom and I, and also matched our floral of Cornflowers and Thistles. Note the many seed pearls my mother and I sewed on. (She also helped with the embroidery, God Bless her!!)
Also note the handmade ribbon roses of varying sizes, those were sewn on with only days to spare!!

The cape was a gift from my mother. A vintage find that only needed a change of closure to be perfect! And boy did I need it! Days before the "Stormageddon"

I hope you've enjoyed this look into the details of my dress! There's more to come with the Groom's coat, and the girls dresses, and of course the Big Day itself!
Until Next time!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In the Easter Parade

So, a bit about my Easter dress.

Easter rather snuck up on me this year and I hadn't intended for this dress to be my Easter dress. The inspiration came from a 1911 fashion plate I found on Pinterest. (Pin found here)

I bought the material for it a good month or so ago and hadn't gotten around to making it yet, until I found out Easter was only two weeks away! Yikes! I had no other ideas, and not enough stash built to come up with something else so there it was!

I ended up choosing a basic mint green cotton, and sadly regretting it...  But it was affordable compared to anything else, so I went for it...
The lace was a much better choice! I have found that a husband's opinion is a wonderful thing! I had planned on some kind of crochet lace or a "Woven" ribbon with a pattern, but could find nothing to suit. We tried Joann's, Wal-mart, and even Etsy, but upon entering Hobby Lobby, Joshua found the perfect thing for it. This gold embroidered netting lace. (Excuse my terms... It's what it looks like. lol!)  It worked perfectly, the only downer was it took about 8 yards to finish it. Yipes!!

The cotton was thick, and as I chose to go for a true double layer skirt it made things rather bulky when gathered, as it pictured above. So instead I took the skirt back off, cut a good two inches off the sides of the underskirt and pleated the overskirt to give it a sleeker look.
One of the occupational hazards of working with an antique treadle machine is the prospect of oil and grease. Most times I am very cautious about it and am able to avoid it. Sadly this time I was not so fortunate. I noticed at one point I had a little under my nail, so I very carefully wiped it off and checked the dress, it seemed clear... Not so... A nice big blotch on the bodice... someplace I couldn't just cover... So I took it downstairs and used my "Cure-all" of dishsoap... Unfortunately that didn't touch the grease, but it did manage to create a whit spot around it the size of a half dollar where it had stripped the color from the muslin...
After some debate of trying another cleaner, my wonderful husband came up with the idea of putting in a dart to cover it. So perhaps it's not a very period correct solution, but it worked! Thank Heavens, and I was able to finish I off just in time to wear to church yesterday morning. :D 

But there it is, and I think it quite looks like the fashion plate. :D
Although, Joshua says that in the above picture I look like Maria Romanov... And I rather agree...
So there we are, Hoping you all had as wonderful an Easter as we did, Celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord with Family and Friends.
Until Next Time!

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Bright and Sunny Update

I must say our first Easter as a married couple was a wonderful one. Another grand beginning in our wonderful adventure!

Over the past few weeks we have begun cleaning and weeding around the house and this weekend we started plating. Sadly I know very little when it comes to flower gardening as I lived in the woods my whole life, so Friday on a trip to Lowes I asked if we could browse. We came home with Pansies and Petunias to fill the hanging baskets and snapdragons for the lower beds in front of the house.

Since then, we have added in Salvia and Creeping Phlox, among other things.


Then, after having practically bought out Joann's entire stock of fairy garden items, and a good lot of Hobby Lobby's we created our own little haven. :D 
Cutting back the grasses

Why, Yes, that IS the Tardis. ;D

 I'll update more about Easter itself and this year's dress later. :D
Until Then,