Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Bedroom Refashion

Since the day we were married, my husband and I have been sleeping in a full sized bed. The bed was an heirloom, having belonged to Joshua's grandparents. It was also THEIR first bedroom suit as a married couple.

 This arrangement worked fine during the first year and a half of maternity and parenthood when all was cozy, but then both of us began to stretch out. We ended up in night-long wrestling matches for space and covers. Despite the bed's history and significance, I was the one who finally decided it was enough, mama need her sleep!!

So to craigslist I went and found this double pillow-topped treasure for $100!! Box springs and all!

E-bug enjoying a tumble on the new mattress

What's out there?
Then with a little love and effort from my wonderful husband, we now have a cloud-like haven of rest!


 The quilt was a $50 Zulily find, and it came with the two shams. The curtains are from Big lots and are simply stapled in place.... I think we bought out their supply of sheer white panels!  

 The light is... well... the highlight! The light bulb is very special, it not only changes color by remote, and has several variegated and solid settings, but it also has a bluetooth speaker!! (Talk about setting the mood!)

The little pillow is one I hand embroidered years ago to go with another quilt I made
 It has been so nice to not only have breathing room, but to have the space so dreamy and soothing. Set the diffuser going, turn the light down low, gentle music, and dreamland isn't far away! And now that baby is finally sleeping through the night, so are Mama and Daddy!

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