Wednesday, March 1, 2017

One Year Old!!

In January, our Little Man turned a whole year old! The days have seemed to pass like a flash, and yet, have been a lifetime!

I wanted to make something special for him for his birthday, as the latter months of his "Monthly pictures" I failed to have a "Mommy Made" item.

I've not really been able to make anything historic for out boy, as most fashions for little ones of earlier eras was made entirely of dresses, and in this day and age, it wouldn't be understood.

So I tend to lean toward later fashions, or simply stick to modern clothing. This time I REALLY wanted him to have a Norfolk suit. After a VERY long search, I came across this gem. It was a later 1920's suit, so the waistband was lower, but I knew it would take very few alterations to make it work.

The only problem I had with this pattern (and it isn't something the seller could have fixed) Is it's entirely in German. (She did include a rough translation of the instructions) But! With some help from Google Translate, It came together Beautifully!

For time's sake I used a striped poly suiting from Joann's, but it still looks pretty good, and I have enough left to make a pair of Plus fours (Breeches) at a later date. (I bought the ones he's wearing in later photos) 

The first photos were ones I took on his actual Birthday. I hadn't quite finished it, so it was safety pinned together! lol!!

The Latter photos are of a trip we made this past weekend to Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC.  He got so many great compliments, and was a Total little Gentleman!

 He's Holding his Newborn Picture. Sideways... but hey, A mother takes what she can get! lol!

 These were some of the very few photos I could get where he wasn't bouncing... Apparently antique chairs with real springs are fun... 

 He's just learned to walk a few weeks ago, so this moment of pure joy and freedom lasted only moments before he fell unharmed. Haha!
(More to come on my outfit later this week)

 He was SO excited by this goat! And was so gentle! He's going to be a critter lover like his Papa!


  1. Love our Little Man! Blog site looks great.

  2. Adorable photos and a beautiful day for a family outing - gorgeous! Love, Aunt Joyce