Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's a Giveaway!! Baby Girl Trio.

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my posts yesterday and today that I only needed one more like to make 80, and a few more followers on Instagram to make 100!

I asked that if people would help me reach those goals, (Easy Peasy!) that I would host a giveaway!

Well here it is!!

Today I'll be giving away what I call "The Baby Girl Trio"

All three items were made by me on vintage sewing machines.

The hair bow is approximately 4" long with a barrette style clasp on it, made in a soft teal blue cotton with purple flowers. There's even a bit of gold sheen to the lattice pattern! 

This is a pacifier lanyard. It's approximately 6" long with a sturdy plastic clasp on it. And trust me, I made my son one of these! It's strong, but it won't hurt like metal would. The opposite end has an elastic loop for going around the pacifier. It's made in pale green linen with white crochet lace.

 And then there's this little guy! Made in a soft grey flannel, with pink satin ears, this little bunny is meant as an un- stuffed "Lovey." E-bug has one with blue ears that we call "Andrew"

  Showing of her stuffed bunny tail

The giveaway will run for a week and a day, that is until the 18th.

One entry you'll notice is a "Blog Post Comment." It's a bit of a survey. I've recently acquired an embroidery machine, (I know! Modern machine!) and am now able to monogram ect. So in your comment, please let me know of a handmade item that you have searched high and low for but couldn't find. Preferably something you can monogram. Or you can mention something that you like to buy "Home Sewn" on a regular basis. What catches your eye?

Thank you all so much for following me and enjoying my work, I hope you'll enter and share with your friends!


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  1. This outfit is absolutely adorable! Since I have only grandSONS, and the baby is nearly 12 years old (when did that even happen?), I will let others vie for the opportunity to own this. I SO enjoy seeing your creations, especially that creation you refer to as "E-bug!" Keep up the great work, but be sure to give yourself time to rest a bit, too! :-)

    1. Go ahead and enter! You never know when you will need a baby shower gift!

    2. Well, you twisted my arm! OUCH! Go ahead and put my name in the mix! Thanks for the encouragement!

    3. Yay! Worth the twist, you won!

    4. WOW!!! I never win anything! Thanks so much! Now, what do I do next?

  2. Megan,you are so very talented! Any little one would adore this adorable little bunny!

  3. Beautiful. I will use for a baby girl prop or a gift if I win.