Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Late Edwardian Silk Blouse

Just before my wedding I ordered in a length of China silk, meant to be a nightgown for a certain night. Sadly I ran out of time, so my mother gifted me one in my style from the Victorian Trading Company. (Which I still wear and love!)

But what became of the silk you ask? I'm coming to that.

Around Thanksgiving I began to wonder what I would do for myself as a Christmas outfit. I was short on time, low on energy, and slap out of money due to shopping for others.

So I started rummaging around in my stash and came across the silk. I realized I had bought enough for a blouse AND a nightgown! (Which I still have yet to make..)

I dug around in my patterns and pulled out my copy of Past Patterns 8643 And got started.

It came together beautifully, and it felt so elegant sliding it on. I used leftover wedding buttons as well to finish it off.

 My Husband and I then went on a photo shoot around our historic neighborhood


  I think E-bug enjoyed it as well! 

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas, and I wish you every blessing in this new year! 


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