Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Life Brings New Projects

So here are the few little things I've been doing for baby since we got Our News.

First off, I've decided to try my hand at cloth diapering. I know it's really a bit early for me to be thinking about it, but it's something my mom did with me and I thought I'd carry on the tradition. Although my mom used Disposables, she had the brilliant idea to sign up for coupons, and every week during her pregnancy, she would buy another box of a varying size.

So I've decided every week to buy another diaper or two and in just a few weeks I'll have all I need.

I've done my research and have decided to go with a liner/ cover method. It seems to be the most flexible as baby's needs change. It also seems to be the simplest when it comes to changing and laundering.

And there they are! My first shipment! Two "Flip" one size, and Two "Rumparoos" A one size and a newborn. (I only got the "Newborn" size because I absolutely loved the pattern, and they were out of "One Size" lol!) I also got one box of "Flip" newborn liners.
It's a beginning anyways.
Has anyone else used cloth? How did you fare?
My next project, I ran across on Pinterest and just couldn't pass it up! This will eventually be a baby blanket, and using a Cable Knit technique, it ends up making little cotton tailed bunnies! 
You can see the little "Bunny Butts" Beginning to form there. Just look at the fluffy little tails!!
I would definitely call this an intermediate project. A knowledge of knitting and of cable knitting is essential. It also took me a bit to figure out the fluffy tail, but once figured it wasn't too bad. It's only fiddly for me as I hate working on circular needles. It wasn't called for, but it does make it easier to keep up with such a big project.
I had also forgotten my Cable needle and ended up working the first set of cables on an ink pen at my Father-in-laws... not recommended folks! But it did work at the time...
For those interested HERE is the pattern on Ravelry.
Anyways, things seem to be going well now. The Morning Sickness has now removed itself to a mild morning case instead of all day misery.  I'm able to eat again!
Although... it looks as though baby has a sweet tooth... Or maybe Mum does.. :D

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