Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jumping Into a Rew Realm

In my last post I showed some pictures from my last SCA event.

This event was what is called a "Collegium" event. Take that exactly as it sounds, It was en entire day of classes on everything from music to archery.

One of the Classes I took was on Goldwork embroidery, in which we learned the basic couching stitch.

I have been interested in this subject since I joined up, as I have enjoyed modern embroidery for years, so this was a great starting point. The moment I came home I ordered the type of thread I was recommended which is "Japanes gold #7" from Kreinik.

I'm not sure what this company was thinking but they sure did send me for a loop. The company is based in West Virginia. I'm in Tennessee so that's not too far, I could almost spit and hit the factory...

But instead of letting me order from them, they gave me more local "Mom and Pop" stores to order from. I chose one in Virginia, which is also spitting distance. They did not have it in stock so in turn THEY had to order it from Kreinik. You know how long it took to get to Virginia? Over three weeks. and then it was off to me... Yargh! what a hassel!

Anyways, it came today so be looking foreward to some yummy gold work!

As I waited these past few weeks I decided to pass the time with another project. I got a little advice, did a lot of research and finally decided on this image

It is the symbol for ST. John from the Book of Kells, and illuminated Bible said to be from about 800AD. Of course it was painted and I'm embroidering, and there would be a lot to take into account to make this authentic. I don't believe personally I have done that, nor did I want to.
This is a practice piece to get used to doing what is called "split stitch" (A basic, much used medieval embroidery stitch)

This is what it looked like at the end of day two, the body almost done and feathers in place.

here he is in an Instagram picture from a few days later (ps Follow me on Instagram! MEGANNE1914)
And here's what he looks like today, wings nearly done, and beginning on the tail.

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