Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Cheesy Adventure.

So I had my first experience with cheesemaking tonight, and I have to tell you, it turned out GREAT!

I first got the idea of making my own cheese after watching an episode of "America's Test Kitchen" in which they simply boiled the milk and added vinegar. I had always thought it was expensive and complicated.

Well I went in search of a recipe and it turns out that yes it does take some odd ingredients to make for example a normal everyday cheddar.

But we'll go into that another time.

I did in fact find a recipe for a cheese called "Paneer" an Indian cheese which, like the above, uses heat and acid instead of aforementioned odd ingredients.
My "Recipe Book" (Never mind the fact that it currently says "Pandora")

The Process? Simple,

1. Put a liter of milk in a stainless steel pan.

2. Bring milk to a foamy boil

3. Add either lemon juice or vinegar

4. Watch it curdle!

5. Strain and press

6. EAT!!

I plan on making much, much more of this!

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