Monday, April 6, 2015

A Bright and Sunny Update

I must say our first Easter as a married couple was a wonderful one. Another grand beginning in our wonderful adventure!

Over the past few weeks we have begun cleaning and weeding around the house and this weekend we started plating. Sadly I know very little when it comes to flower gardening as I lived in the woods my whole life, so Friday on a trip to Lowes I asked if we could browse. We came home with Pansies and Petunias to fill the hanging baskets and snapdragons for the lower beds in front of the house.

Since then, we have added in Salvia and Creeping Phlox, among other things.


Then, after having practically bought out Joann's entire stock of fairy garden items, and a good lot of Hobby Lobby's we created our own little haven. :D 
Cutting back the grasses

Why, Yes, that IS the Tardis. ;D

 I'll update more about Easter itself and this year's dress later. :D
Until Then,