Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reason for Radio Silence

I have been trying for almost two months now, to put into words the joys that have been bestowed upon me this summer.

I had almost given up. It's just beyond words! 

Earlier this year, Through my Etsy shop, I was introduced to the son of one of my schoolteachers. A fellow Edwardian, and a former navy officer, among many other things. As much as I was trying to avoid talking to a "Stranger" online, I couldn't help it, He was so interesting! We talked about the Edwardian house he had just bought in a nearby town, The research involved in the novel he was writing about the last Czar of Russia, OH! And Sherlock Holmes.

One day, in mid May, he stopped by our business. If you know me at all, you know I'm not a "Cliché" type person, and I try to avoid them at all costs, so when I say it was "Love at first sight" I mean it. Though at the time I had no idea.

Since then we've both come to realize that God has been working throughout our entire lives to prepare us for each other. We have walked side by side for many years, and how we were able to go that long and not meet I'll never know.

On September first we made a trip to "Biltmore Estate" in North Carolina for a "Photo Shoot" in full Edwardian style. We supposedly had a "Set Time" to get into the house and as we arrived a little early Joshua wanted to stop and "Look at the Horses."

I saw, but didn't take much notice that the attendants in the stable were hitching up a Victoria style carriage. A few minutes later as we were walking back towards the parking lot, one of the attendants stopped us. She informed us that the couple who had ordered the ride had not shown up, and they had been unable to contact them. She stated that it was a shame as they were now hitched up and had paid the driver. She said it was all already paid for, would we like to take the ride?

I gave Joshua a look and he readily agreed. For almost over an hour they had me fooled, for as we topped a hill overlooking the house, and paused for a "Photo op" this happened.

Of course I said, "YES!"

I am eagerly looking forward to this new "Epoch" in my life and will try to post more pictures and  things in the coming weeks. Though, things are really beginning to get busy as we have set a date for February. (Apparently one is supposed to take a year or more to plan an event such as this... go figure!)

Until next time!


  1. :-) SOOOO happy for both of you and your precious families!! Yes, God has had His hand in this all along!